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Care ActInformation about the Care Act    

Care Act 2014


The Care Act 2014 is a single, modern framework for adult care and support in England.  It brings together all previous adult social care legislation, and introduces new duties for local authorities.


From April 2015 our key duties under the Care Act are:

  • Promoting individual wellbeing
  • Improving our information and advice
  • Preventing the need for care and support
  • Recognising new rights for carers
  • Promoting quality and diversity in the services we provide
  • Integrating care and support with health and other services


On Friday 17th July, the government announced that it will be postponing the implementation of some of the reforms due to be incorporated under phase 2 of the Care Act project. We are still awaiting full details from the Department of Health, but information recieved is as follows:

  • the cap on care costs has been postponed until April 2020;
  • a system to support the management of care accounts/ independent care accounts will not be required until the cap comes into effect;
  • the extended means test for residential care will not be implemented until the cap comes into effect;
  • the duty on local authorities to meet the eligible needs of self-funders in care homes at their request has been postponed until April 2020;
  • the introduction of an appeals system for care and support has been deferred pending consideration as part of the wider spending review later in 2015;

Further details will be published as they become available.


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